Welcome to The Solar Federation

This is the official wike for Solar Federation, the Die Stack based system created by Kevin Croce.

Character Generation

Character Generation is a snap. You just need a name, and to choose your primary dice for your stats.

SCI(ence), ENG(ineering), LDR (leadership), SEC(urity), PIL(ot), MED(ical), and CON(stitution).

In this system, LDR is leadership/charisma. SEC has to do with tactics, attack rolls, and more. CON has to do with strength, stamina, and endurance.

For each of these stats, you need to assign a die. The die available are:

d12, d10, d8, d6, and 3 d4's. Assing *one die* to each stat. Stat die are increase via story rather than experience points.

Derivative Stats

HP is equal to 2x CON

STA(mina) is a pool that is 1/2 CON

Expendiature is always 1 point.

Stamina expendiature is used to achieve heroic feats by doubling a die roll.


You've just graduated the Solar Federation Starship Academy (SFSA). You are being assigned to a ship. And then begins the story...

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